Registration for the 2023 Fall Lecture Series will run from mid-July to early September.  Please watch the website for more details, as they become available (June 2023).

If you have any concerns or difficulties with registration, please send us a message at info@talg.ca. We can also be reached at 226-486-1502.  We will be in touch; we’re happy to help you through the process.

Registration and payment for TALG Lecture Series

are both handled online through PayPal, whose services ensure a safe, secure online process via any major credit card.
You do not need a personal PayPal account to use this system; you will have the option to pay as a PayPal guest
(please see more on this, under Notes below).

Opening and closing dates for registration

are announced on this website and through our emails (9am on opening date, midnight on closing date). Registration is on a “first-come, first-served” basis. If we reach our maximum registration numbers before the planned closing date, it will be announced on the website and via email that registration is closed. TALG does not maintain a waiting list, and late registrations are not accepted.

The lecture series cost is $55, for all 8 lectures.

Your receipt from PayPal is your confirmation of registration and payment. Now that we are offering a hybrid format (i.e., your choice of attending in person on-site or virtually from off-site), it will once again be possible for non-registered individuals to attend single lectures, in person, at the Pay-as-You-Go fee of $10 (cash please).  Anyone who attends in person, but is not listed as registered and paid, will be charged this $10 (cash) admission fee.

REGISTRATION: Please read the "Important Notes" below, which provide detailed instructions on the registration process. Proceed now to register for the lecture series of your choice (AM, PM or both). First, please enter whether you intend to mostly attend lectures a) onsite (in person) or b) offsite (virtually, via livestreaming). This information is helpful to our planning, but you are still free to switch between the two options. Then, click on the corresponding "Buy Now" button to take you into the PayPal process, where registration and payment is completed.

AM Series

AM Series winter 2023

Our Food: A System  in Distress?

AM Lecture Series


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PM Series

PM Series winter 2023

Badass Women

PM Lecture Series


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AM & PM Series

Combined courses

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AM & PM Lecture Series


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Important notes regarding the registration and payment process:

  • Under the lecture series of your choice, enter your preferred attendance mode a) on-site or b) off-site, then click on the appropriate “Buy Now” button. This will take you into a PayPal screen.
  • In the first PayPal screen, your Lecture Series choice and the price will be displayed, along with a “Quantity” of "1." If you are registering for multiple people, please change the quantity here.  Click "Continue."
  • In the next "Pay with PayPal" screen, you may choose to proceed with your PayPal account (click on "Log In") or, if you prefer to pay as a guest,  click on "Pay with a credit or Visa Debit card."
  • Continue through the checkout process, entering credit card, name and address information.  Note:  you will see a checked box beside "Ship to my Billing address," then a section with shipping information. Where asked to "Select a shipping method," click on the down arrow and select "Default" - this is required even though no actual delivery is involved.
  • After you’ve completed this process and clicked “Pay Now,” you will see a new screen prompting you to “Create your account today.” Again, you can bypass this by clicking on the small print, “Not now,” at the bottom of the screen.

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