The following are some of the most commonly asked questions we encounter. Please also look at our Policies and Procedures page for more information. If you still have a question, but can’t find the answer on this website – please contact us.

Are the lectures still available on Zoom?
It is still an option to view the lectures online from home, via livestreaming on a secure YouTube channel (not on Zoom). If you are registered for the lecture, you will receive the link to this site, in advance of the lecture time. This online option is available only at the same time that the live lecture takes place; lectures are not taped for viewing at later dates or times. 
What is meant by hybrid delivery of lectures?
Hybrid delivery means that our lectures are available to attend in two ways.  Registrants have the option to attend in person at Harcourt United Church, or watch the lecture via an online livestream from home.
Why did we switch to Harcourt United Church?

In response to our attendees’ requests to have the option to attend lectures in person, or online from home, the Board did a great deal of research. It was challenging to find a venue that met all of our needs for location, accessibility and technical expertise. We decided that Harcourt United Church has both the physical space and the experience and staffing we need, in this challenging area of hybrid lecture delivery.

How can I get help accessing the lectures and the CHAT function online?

Please refer to our Information Sheet for details on how to access these functions. On the day of the lecture, if you are having technical problems, please contact info@talg.ca.

Does TALG have policies for dealing with cancellations, etc?

Yes, our Policies and Procedures page lists how we handle such issues. These policies and procedures have evolved over time, in an effort to deal with situations consistently and fairly.

What does Third Age Learning mean?
‘Third Age’ refers to the stage of life when one is no longer busy with a career and/or raising a family – a time when we can enjoy learning for its own sake. The Third Age Learning movement started in France in the 1970s; there are now organizations in many countries and communities. Third Age Learning Guelph started in 1988. While geared to those 55 and over, we have no set age or educational requirements. All adults with an interest in lifelong learning are welcome!
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How do you determine lecture series topics?

TALG’s Program Committee conducts an annual survey with registrants to determine current topics of interest. The committee also considers what topics have been covered in past years, and has access to suggested speakers lists through the Third Age Network of Ontario. If you have a suggestion for a topic or speaker, we’d love to hear it – please get in touch!

How do I get information about future lectures?

Everyone who subscribes to our Mailing List via this website, or has previously registered for a lecture series, will be notified about upcoming lecture series. Your information is never shared with other groups, and you can unsubscribe at any time. Please also watch this website for updates.

I want to register for a lecture series, but I don’t have a PayPal account – is there another way?

TALG uses PayPal to ensure safe payments online, through major credit cards – but you can use the service as a guest, without having a PayPal account. Please check this website for registration dates, and follow the directions on our Registration page. Your emailed receipt from PayPal is your confirmation; TALG does not issue a separate confirmation. If you have difficulties or concerns, please contact us at info@talg.ca.

I have to miss a lecture. Are there recordings of lectures I can view later?

We do not record lectures or post lecture content, due to copyright and intellectual property concerns. Our lecture dates and details are posted in advance of registration, we hope you’ll check your availability and mark the dates in your calendars.

How can I enquire about volunteering with TALG?

TALG is completely volunteer-run, and we’re always pleased to welcome new volunteers. We are a “working Board”, setting policy and direction and carrying out the various tasks involved. If you are interested, please contact us – and let us know if you have skills/experience in any aspect of our work (i.e., speaker identification, programming, online technology, finance, publicity, registration).

What does TALG do with lecture fees income?

As a nonprofit and volunteer-run organization, TALG is committed to making the cost very affordable. Your $55-per-person lecture fees are our only source of income. This covers various administrative costs, speakers’ fees, venue rental, and technical support to ensure smooth online lecture delivery.

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TALG welcomes your enquiries, input and feedback! We’d love to hear from you, whether you have a question, a great topic or speaker to suggest, or are interested in volunteering.

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