COVID-19 - A message from our Chair

Greetings to each of you from the Board of TALG,

Over the past month the Board of TALG has met twice in reference to the present pandemic conditions. As part of our meeting practices, we have recently learned how to use the Zoom online virtual meeting system. Using this new technology, it is possible for us to offer the fall and winter TALG lectures in a virtual setting free from the possible consequences of COVID-19 transmission.

Over the past few weeks we have considered four options for our near-term TALG series:

  1. Returning to the Arboretum for both the fall and winter TALG lectures, as usual.
  2. Conducting the fall lecture series through some form of electronic, internet, or video presentation media, then in the fall re-evaluate returning to the Arboretum for the winter TALG series.
  3. Conducting the fall and winter lectures using an internet-based online virtual meeting system for both.
  4. Consider cancelling one or both TALG lecture series.

After much discussion we have chosen option two. This provides both safety and security to our members until we move past this pandemic situation we are presently in. If this situation resolves itself by the end of the year, we will consider returning to the Arboretum for the winter lecture series from January to March.

There are still some details to work out. Some of these are in regards to our lecturers’ ability to use this format, various technical issues supporting the broadcast, and issues around getting people accustomed to this style of presentation. We realize some of our members may not be able to use an electronic viewing format, but still we believe this is the wisest and safest course of action given our current community and global realities.

Using the proposed virtual meeting format means that you can access our lectures anywhere you have a computer connected to the internet, either at home, a coffee shop or your cottage in the future. It also means that those who have been unable to attend our lectures because of transportation or health issues can view them. This capability may additionally extend our reach into retirement and nursing homes, which we believe would provide a much needed and valued service to these groups.

As we work through the technical issues over the next few months, we will keep you informed through email or regular mail messaging. We will take this time to learn and experiment with this new media format before our lectures begin so that we can deliver to you the quality lectures you have come to expect and enjoy from us. We thank you for your patience and understanding as we work through these details.

Follow up notifications will provide information on our courses, registration and fees, and how to access and use our new electronic virtual meeting and viewing format. As part of this new format we will also include ways to communicate your questions to the lecturers. So please stay tuned as we work to develop this new way of bringing valued lectures to you, your family, and friends.

Stay safe and well during these uncertain times.

Bill Chapman,
Chair of the Board
Third Age Learning Guelph